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A forum for The PMAESA Port Operations Committee Members to discuss martitime and port operations issues pertinent to the Association

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PMAESA Port Operations Committee Members will be contacted by email regarding their login details. If you have not received your login - please contact: msodha [at] pmaesa [dot] org

Forum rules

We hope that the tone of this forum is professional, friendly and helpful, please keep that in mind when posting, we also have the following more specific rules we expect to be followed in all posts:
  1. Posts should be on topic and preferably make a positive contribution to the discussion.
  2. Please only post in English, if we cannot read your post we cannot help and cannot be sure if it follows the rules or not.
  3. Please refrain from attacking other users, companies or products, you can post your opinion, and you can criticise, but posts written purely to offend will be removed.

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